Zorrel Dri-Balance Active Moisture Wicking Technology

by Kirt Moritz February 14, 2013

Zorrel utilizes cutting edge moisture transport technology that is amongst the fastest and most efficient in the marketplace today. Zorrel Active Dri-Balance Cotton has the breathable soft feel of cotton with moisture wicking capabilities. Shop Zorrel.


Zorrel Dri-Balance History:

How does Dri-Balance™ Moisture Transport Technology Work? Dri-Balance technology is a four step process that insures fast efficient moisture transport.


  1. Preparation of the Yarn- Both the cotton and microfiber polyester have to be technically treated to prepare them. Our polyester is stripped of any impurities that adhere to the surface. The combed cotton yarns are specially spun and treated to increase absorbency.
  2. Two Layer Structure- All Dri-Balance fabrics are two layers. The skin side layer is 100% polyester microfiber. This layer is plaited to an outside surface layer of 100% combed cotton. The micro fiber layers very fine and is hydrophobic. The cotton layer is denser and is hydrophilic. Moisture is moved from the skin to the cotton in 3-5 seconds. The inside poly layer dries from body heat keeping the wearer dry and cool.
  3. Knitting-Our engineers have created elaborate knit structures which optimize the moisture transport, moisture dispersion in the cotton layer and the ability for air to move inward to cool the wearer.
  4. Moisture Transport and Dyeing engineers found that certain types of dyes, as well as certain colors, created varying results in moisture transport rates. Darker colors are denser and contain higher levels of color, this hampers transport. Our chemical engineers adjust and regulate each color of dye to maximize transport of moisture.

    Why is it hard to Duplicate Dri-Balance Technology?

    We have been refining this technology for 15 years. Their biggest advantage over other makers is their control over the entire process, we take the raw cotton spin it, knit it, dye it and make the garments. There is virtually no other company in the world with the experience and vertical setup to control and optimize the process.


    Advantages of Zorrel Dri-Balance Cotton Rich Textiles:

    1. 3-5 Seconds moisture transport rate. Industry standard for these garments are 15-30 seconds.
    2. No odor retention. Unlike pure poly garments which tend to retain odor even after washing Dri-Balance garments will be odor free for the life of the garment.
    3. No snagging- Polyester garments snag easily. Our shirts will not snag.
    4. Moisture Management for the life of the garment- Our tee will maintain 3-5 second wicking for the life of the garment 50 washings or more.
    5. Limitless possibilities for fabric structures- Polyester is very limited as to fabric structure. Any knit fabric available in cotton can be made in to Dri-Balance fabric.
    6. More possibilities for embellishment- A cotton face shirt can be screen printed, embroidered and heat sealed more easily than polyester and cotton shirts. The results are by far, superior.

    Advantages of Polyester Moisture Management Shirts:

    Faster Drying Rate - Dri-Balance fabric transports moisture as fast as or faster than pure poly garment. The difference is that once it is on the surface moisture dries faster on polyester than it does on cotton.


    Why Cotton Moisture Transport has a Bright Future:

    If you think about it, most people wear poly shirts mainly in the gym or while participating in some high physical exercise. Throughout the rest of their lives they wear cotton clothing. Most people basically prefer cotton for almost anything they do. While a marathon runner or extreme sport participant requires the quick dry capabilities of a pure poly product, an average person going to the gym for a workout, or out on hike will find that cotton rich moisture transport do an efficient job for their requirements. More than that, this fabric allows the wearer to add efficient function to their every day life. You do not have to work out to sweat, you just need to work. Garments with this technology are perfect for every aspect of an active life.

    Kirt Moritz
    Kirt Moritz

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