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Cliff's Story

Posted by Columbus Stories on

The Nayked Truth: Anxiety

"For me, my anxiety is mentally exhausting. I can't get comfortable in my own skin if something's not in place or if my mind is racing with thoughts. I guess you could say it's a little bit of obsessive compulsive disorder, too, but there's definitely some anxiety woven in there. 

The things that bother me the most are piles, like if the laundry is piled up. Or, the floor. I feel it has to be swept in order for me to feel comfortable doing anything else inside my own home. The struggle of having children and anxiety/OCD is probably the most difficult. They make messes, they don't clean up the way I would, and they undo anything I do---within 30 seconds. 

So, what do I do to control my life the best I can? 

Running. A lot. Sometimes I run 10 miles a day. The best medicine for my anxiety is exercise.

Getting Enough Sleep. When I'm tired, I'm overall more on edge. Aren't we all? That mixed with my anxiety is a recipe for disaster.

Reading. I love to read, and when I get to do a little bit of what I love, it helps with my feelings of anxiety. Of course the house has to be clean before I can sit down and read, though. Hey, one step at a time."


Columbus, Ohio

"I'm free to express myself and be comfortable with who I am when I wear Nayked. I'm anxiety-ridden, I love running, reading books, and...that's me. That's my truth."




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