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Cris' Story

Posted by Ben Matare on

Cris Worrel married in her early 20's and recently celebrated her 18th anniversary with her husband, Josh.  {Congrats!} She's a work-out queen---a cat & public-ed policy loving mother to her three sons---and has a passion for food, art, travel, and life in general.  
When is comes to comfort and confidence, for Cris, they go hand in hand. But, what makes her confident?

"After giving it some thought, I can say that I try to just be myself always, and that is a huge part of confidence for me. It isn't always pretty, easy or wonderful. Actually, I can be quite awkward at times, as my friends can attest to. That said, I know that my confidence collectively comes from a few things; vulnerability, accepting my flaws, being myself (even when it's difficult), not taking myself very seriously, and the passing of time. I am keenly aware that as I age, I am able to be more accepting of my vulnerability, and that helps me continue to become even more comfortable in my own skin. Vulnerability is what truly allows me to really live my life and be my best self as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and colleague. To me, confidence and vulnerability go hand in hand. I've found a great confidence in my 30s and I'm enjoying the last few years of this great decade. This. Top. Is. The. Softest. I love it tied in front!"

~Cris, Columbus Ohio

Photo Credit: @jenbrown_photography 

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