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Elyjah's Story

Posted by Columbus Stories on

When it comes to being an independent person, Elyjah always goes with his gut feeling. 

"With the first note of a song I can tell whether it's going to be something special. And every piece of music I write is special.  Music allows me to be myself. It gives me the strength to say what I have to say. My album BL47K is a tribute to all the heart breaking experiences I've had in my life. Now, I don't dwell on my imperfections. 

What I like about Nayked Apparel clothing is that the cloth is very soft and the colors aren't that bright, which makes them an everyday wear for me.  No matter the circumstance--I make my decisions for me."

That's what we hope our brand allows you to do.  To make your own decisions. To be yourself. And, to let your personality stand out---not another logo or tagline. 

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