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Fall Trends

September 20, 2019 1 min read

Women wearing Nayked Apparel black tank.

Although it doesn't feel like Fall time (especially in Columbus, Ohio where our home base is located)--it does't mean that Fall trends are not upon us.  
Because they are Nayked friends. 

And, one of our favorite hot Nayked items this year is our Ridiculously Soft Plaid Flannel Shirt. It's the perfect Fall flannel that you'll find yourself reaching for everyday. Soft and cozy with a relaxed fit.


It also can be worn and styled in different ways. If you don't have a flannel--it's a must in your wardrobe for this year.

As you know our apparel is all about YOU and showing off your personality and independence.  So, send us a pic and let us know how YOU choose to style your soft flannel this season. 

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