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How many ways can you wear a tee shirt dress?

September 05, 2021 2 min read

Women wearing tee shirt dress by Nayked Apparel.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!  Now that the days are growing shorter and the temperatures are dropping, there's no need to put your tee-shirt dresses in the storage pile to pack up for next summer.  There are lots of options to dress up or dress down your favorite tee-shirt dress but still look chic in every season!   

I have always loved the versatility of a great  Tee-Shirt Dress.  Buy a few in more neutral colors such as grey or black, then you can get maximum use out of these beloved dresses.  These dresses are shaped like a classic tee shirt but cut like a dress.  Tee shirt dresses are designed with maximum comfort, breathability and versatile wearability in mind.  Just by choosing different accessories and pairing them with other items already in your wardrobe, you can wear a tee-shirt dress for anything from casual wear, office wear to going out on the town nightwear!

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For a more casual vibe, pair your grey tee-shirt dress with some fresh white sneakers and tie a sweater around your waist in one of the hot fall colors like a fiery red-orange.  Top off your outfit with a coordinating tote and fedora and you're set for a day playing with the kids or heading to the pick yourself apple orchard.  

Meeting your friends for a cappuccino and some shopping?  Try wearing a pair of your favorite booties or knee high boots and top off the dress with a short leather jacket.  Comfortable, casual but fashion-forward!  Add a pop of color with a deep-sea blue or a flirtatious vivid fuchsia cross-body handbag!

You can also opt to wear your Tee-shirt dress like an oversized tee-shirt! Don your favorite jeans then tuck one side of your tee-shirt dress in at your waist for an unconstructed long line style. Slip on a comfy flat or minimum heel shoe then accessorize with a statement pendant or earrings.

For more formal wear, either work or going out to dinner with your favorite people, a few accessories and you're ready to go!  For the office, you can simply add a simple cardigan and some comfortable pumps, add an animal print or geometric scarf around your neck and you're ready for the board room! After work, change the cardigan out for a short jacket or cardigan with a little sparkle, add a great little silvery clutch and some great shimmery evening sandals and you're ready to trip the light fantastic!

About Nayked Apparel

We started Nayked Apparel with the same focus that we have today: to offer super-soft clothing that does not have a logo at great prices. We wanted to let our customers tell their own story and to let their own personality shine - at work or at play - in soft, comfortable, unbranded clothing. 

In the past year, we've expanded to offer graphic tees and hoodies, proudly designed in Ohio, USA, on our Ridiculously Soft styles to allow our customers to really show who they are (while staying comfortable!). At Nayked Apparel, we believe that YOU are enough. And our clothes simply help tell your story!

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