Kenny's Story

by Kirt Moritz September 14, 2017 1 min read

"Struggle should be my middle name--I'm joking, but really most of my life I've struggled."

"Struggled with my dad not being in my life, struggled in school, and struggled most recently with my relationship ending with my son's mother. After we ended our relationship, she moved an hour away, making it difficult to see my son as often as I'd like.

Because of these struggles, I've also grown. I want to be the best father for Giovanni and am so proud of the amazing boy he is. That's my Nayked truth and my Nayked story."

We love that Kenny is able to express his confidence and exert his independence, because that's what wearing Nayked Apparel is all about. Being YOU. 

What's your #NaykedTruth and #NaykedStory? 

Kirt Moritz
Kirt Moritz

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