Meet Ryan

by Kirt Moritz August 24, 2017 1 min read

Meet Ryan

You might already know that Ryan loves tattoos.

And, that his recent tattoo is of a father elephant with a baby elephant. The tattoo is symbolic of the moral obligation and drive of a father to protect his young. See, Ryan just had a baby girl. He's truly enjoying being young in his 20's and building a family. 

He likes that our apparel lets his tattoos and personality tell his story-- not another logo or tagline.

But, what you don't know?!  He was in the Marines, before attending The Columbus Police Academy to become a cop.  It was his father (who was also a cop) that inspired him to follow in his foot steps.  He even wears his dad's old badge number now!  How cool is that?

Ryan feels confident and comfortable in our apparel, just like he does protecting his young and our city. 

Kirt Moritz
Kirt Moritz

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