Nayked Fantasy?

by Columbus Stories September 12, 2017

Nayked Fantasy?

What is a Nayked Fantasy?

It’s when you fantasize about Nayked Apparel clothing. About all the outfits you want to put together and about all the hoodies and soft-tees you want to buy.   Oh, and those comfortable sweatpants. AND our new undies.


The Nayked Apparel you wear on game days while rooting for your favorite football team and hoping that your fantasy players score you some points. In the fantasy world, I think everyone wanted Stefon Diggs as their wide receiver and shed massive tears if they had Russell Wilson as their quarterback. 
How about the Detroit Lions big win against the Cardinals?  Blue vs. Red? 

But, it’s just the start of the season. Everyone has time to make trade-ins of old T-Shirts and players.

Columbus Stories
Columbus Stories

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