Spring Is Here, Finally!

by Trayton Ojala April 30, 2018

Warm weather is coming,  which means you will no longer have to cover up your awesome outfit with a big coat. With that being said, let’s make sure your outfit is worthy of not being covered up by a big coat. Here are two spring fashion trends to look out for:

  1. Long Tees

Long Tees are great because even if the night time chill calls for a jacket, it will not be a jacket big enough to cover up a long tee. The Ridiculously Soft Longline Tee is available in three colors: black, dark heather gray and white.

  1. Sunglasses

With the weather getting warmer, you will most likely be spending more time outside. Make sure to have a pair (or five) of Nayked Apparel sunglasses on hand to add the finishing touches on an already awesome outfit!

Trayton Ojala
Trayton Ojala

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