Successfully Clothing Your Kids

by Bold Commerce August 16, 2019 2 min read

Successfully Clothing Your Kids

Putting together cute outfits for your kids makes parenting more fun. However, with so many styles, fabrics and brands, and the fact that kids grow so quickly, clothing shopping for your kid can become quite overwhelming. Nevertheless, if you have a few guidelines for choosing your kid’s clothing, you can make the experience fun and easy!

Here are 5 tips for buying kids’ clothing:

Buy Simple, Better Basics

Clothing that is simple and basic is the most versatile and usually the most comfortable for your kid. A quality, better basic clothing item will be worn often, and with proper care, last until your kid grows out of it. No need for frequent replacement of an item in the same size because a lesser quality item just hasn’t held up to the wear and tear kids apply.

Choose Soft Fabrics

The right fabric is soft fabric. You wouldn’t want your kid to wear something itchy, irritating, or clingy. In short, the material should be soft and breathable. 100% ringspun cotton, and blends of 100% ringspun cotton combined with synthetics such as polyester or rayon provide some very nice soft fabrics! Along with 100% ringspun cotton, look for 60% cotton/40% polyester blends and triblend fabrics (50%polester/25% cotton/25% rayon - super lightweight and silky). The cotton blends will reduce wrinkling and potential shrinkage.

Provide Room to Grow

When you go shopping for your kid’s clothing, the optimal size to purchase is usually one size larger than your kid is currently. We hear that parents frequently buy clothing that fits their kid perfectly right now, but by buying up a size, you’ll avoid your kid growing out of it too quickly. Your kid stays comfortable longer, and you save money and another shopping trip!

Consider Seasonality and Weather

Many of us like to buy clothes on sale at the end of a season for the next year; warm clothes and outerwear at the end of Winter, swimsuits at the end of the Summer. This can be a good money saving strategy, but you do need to be careful, as you can’t always accurately predict what size your kid will be when the next season comes around, in which case you end up wasting money. 

Your kid’s favorite

Provide your kids choices of clothing, then allow your kids to wear what THEY want to wear. The combination that your kid chooses, and you accept, boosts their confidence and esteem. It’s a sign of growth and independence from them which when nourished with your support, will launch them on the path of becoming smart clothes shoppers on their own someday!

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