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Before Nayked

Posted on September 20, 2017
How did the Nayked brand begin?  And, who helped get the ball rolling? Well, Kirt Moritz did. And, he's spotlighted in the new Amazon Marketplace Stories of Entrepreneurship series. "...Kirt Moritz got a taste of the entrepreneurial life early on, thanks to his self-employed attorney father. Kirt recalls coming home to find him in the swimming pool in the afternoon. Perhaps that contributed to Kirt’s restlessness after nine years in corporate banking. A friend helped him escape, and he found himself at an early ecommerce venture, enjoying “Beer Fridays” but blowing through millions in funding in 18 months. He tried... (Read more)

Kenny's Story

Posted on September 14, 2017
"Struggle should be my middle name--I'm joking, but really most of my life I've struggled." "Struggled with my dad not being in my life, struggled in school, and struggled most recently with my relationship ending with my son's mother. After we ended our relationship, she moved an hour away, making it difficult to see my son as often as I'd like. Because of these struggles, I've also grown. I want to be the best father for Giovanni and am so proud of the amazing boy he is. That's my Nayked truth and my Nayked story." We love that Kenny is able... (Read more)

Everyone Gets #Nayked

Posted on September 07, 2017
No matter what makes you different, let it stand out in our apparel. Our story is YOUR story.  Young. Old. Tall. Short. Big. Small. Dog lover, or cat lover. T-shirts. Hoodies. Pants. Accessories.  Ridiculously Soft. Weightless. Vintage. Performance.  The truth is differences inspire us and brand names hide that difference. You may be trying to fit in or stand out, and either of those is fine. The good news is #basic apparel allows for both.   Your personality can stand out, and you can follow current fashion trends that are leaning heavily towards "basic" clothing.  Basic is back.  #getnayked now.      (Read more)

Closet Staples

Posted on August 29, 2017
Our T-shirts are staples for every closet. Lets be real, everyone needs at least one, if not two, T-shirts in their closets, and we have some of the comfiest around.  You will absolutely feel the Nayked difference in their comfort.   Everyone needs a basic white tee, but it’s worth investing in a neutral color one, and one that brings a pop of color to your wardrobe as well!   T-Shirts are the go-to piece to pair with jeans, shorts, even yoga pants!  They can be worn for a relaxed look or easily dressed up with different accessories.  We have a variety of style options to choose... (Read more)

Meet Ryan

Posted on August 24, 2017
You might already know that Ryan loves tattoos. And, that his recent tattoo is of a father elephant with a baby elephant. The tattoo is symbolic of the moral obligation and drive of a father to protect his young. See, Ryan just had a baby girl. He's truly enjoying being young in his 20's and building a family.  He likes that our apparel lets his tattoos and personality tell his story-- not another logo or tagline. But, what you don't know?!  He was in the Marines, before attending The Columbus Police Academy to become a cop.  It was his father (who was... (Read more)

Elyjah's Story

Posted on July 27, 2017
When it comes to being an independent person, Elyjah always goes with his gut feeling.  "With the first note of a song I can tell whether it's going to be something special. And every piece of music I write is special.  Music allows me to be myself. It gives me the strength to say what I have to say. My album BL47K is a tribute to all the heart breaking experiences I've had in my life. Now, I don't dwell on my imperfections.  What I like about Nayked Apparel clothing is that the cloth is very soft and the colors aren't that bright, which makes them an everyday... (Read more)

Order Fulfillment, Clothes Folder & Packer, Part-Time 25-30 Hrs/Week

Posted on June 19, 2017
Job Description: We're currently looking for a part time Order Fulfillment Clothes Folder & Packer Associate. Do you love to fold clothes, pack customer orders and listen to your favorite music while working in a casual, flexible office? If you said YES to all the above, send us your resume to Interviews this week! You'll work in a small e-Commerce office handling shipping and receiving of inventory with a team of three other people for an emerging lifestyle apparel brand;   Responsibilities: Fulfill customer orders; by sorting clothing by style, color and size. Fold, label, pack and ship customer orders with... (Read more)

Account Manager, Sales Focused, Promotional Products, Ohio

Posted on April 25, 2017
About Us: Nayked Promos is a marketing agency specializing in physical product sales. Our sister company, Nayked Apparel is a $5 million organization. We offer an entrepreneurial work environment and the opportunity to connect with all of the best organizations and businesses. We are proudly based out of Columbus, Ohio. In our efforts to expand our promotional business, we are looking for exclusive territory account managers with a strong sales focus with experience in the promotional products industry. We are looking for a results driven leader to be responsible for all sales activities from lead generation through to close.  This... (Read more)

Open Positions

Posted on September 15, 2015
Nayked Apparel is always looking for talented candidates in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Operations, Customer Service and Data Entry.  Please check back often for open positions, otherwise submit your resume to Thank you. (Read more)