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The Nayked Apparel Difference | Fit and Feel T-Shirts for Sale

November 02, 2015 3 min read

The Nayked Apparel Difference T-Shirts for Sale. Man wearing Nayked Apparel Grey Shirt.

T-Shirts for Sale at Nayked Apparel. There is a big difference in the fit and hand feel of our fabric used in our crew neck tees, v-neck, long sleeve t-shirts, hoodies and bottoms when compared to the fast fashion brands or value brands at Walmart and Target. Nayked Apparel is that perfect fit and feel you'll want to wear everyday. We want you to feel comfortable and confident knowing what shirt styles speak to you and for you to purchase. We offer many t-shirt styles for sale and provide this Fit and Feel guide to help navigate our web store.

The Nayked Apparel Fit = 8 Keys 
These eight keys differentiate Nayked Apparel in the fit of your apparel. We clearly beat any t-shirt brand for sale in the world.

1. The shoulders and upper arms are snug without gripping
2. Clean and tight collar that doesn't choke
3. Double stitch collar prevents rolling of collar
4. The Sleeve openings are slightly tailored
5. Stretchy, contoured, and slimmer in the torso without gripping it
6. The shirt is tapered and doesn't blouse out 
7. Fits perfectly over the top of jeans 
8. A slimmer and tighter fitting t-shirt 

The Nayked Apparel Feel
These five styles consist of different material contents to provide you the world's softest t-shirts for sale.

1. Ridiculously Soft

Ring-spun Cotton
(Typically 100% Cotton)

Looking for ultimate comfort and smoothness that sits on your skin? When it comes to softness, there’s a reason we call these T-Shirts, “Ridiculously Soft.” We use 32-single ring-spun cotton that’s been combed to remove impurities. Our process makes for a softer and finer feel and a luxurious touch to the hand.

2. Lightweight 

(Typically 50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon)

Hate that heavy boxy feel to your latest big brand T-Shirt? Our Weightless tee’s have a vintage feel that drapes over the skin for a retro look. Polyester, rayon, and cotton combine into a silky fabric with a slight sheen for our lightest shirts. These shirts will make you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

3. Middleweight

(Typically 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester)

Maybe you need something that can handle your daily routine. Check out the versatility of our "Night and Day" tees. A smooth sheen and finish makes this shirt fashionable for any occasion. After your bike to work, slip a blazer over your tee for a more “professional” look. Catch a quick frisbee toss in the park before pairing this tee with your favorite pair of jeans or skirt and heels before your evening date. Get through your entire agenda without having to change once.

4. Vintage

(Typically Recycled/Organic)

Our Vintage line has the items you can wear out in any situation and feel like you have an extra fashionable edge. Organic and recycled materials combine for an incredibly soft feel that is light to the hand. A vintage characteristic provides a relaxed feel that drapes over the skin, while still fitting to form.

5. Athleisure or Performance

Polyester and Blends
(Typically 100% Polyester or
50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon)

Whether you're going for your daily workout or daily errands, our "Athleisure" is designed to get you through your day. Typical material makeup is 100% Polyester that feels like very smooth satin silk, but is strong and resistant to creasing, while keeping moisture away from your body. This line is comprised of dry-wicking materials, that are also anti-microbial and snag-resistant.

Shop Ridiculously Soft T-Shirts and more For Sale.


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