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  • August 26, 2021 2 min read

    With colder weather just around the corner, sadly our shorts will be going into winter storage.  Now, however, is a good time to think about getting the right active and casual wear for the fall and winter months.  For sports and casual occasions, joggers and sweatpants come to mind. But what is the difference between joggers and sweatpants?

    Before we take a look at the differences, let's look at what is the same about each of them.  In our household, we affectionately call our joggers and sweatpants simply as "comfy" pants.  It is a fact that both joggers and sweatpants are designed for comfort.  They both cover your legs for protection from cooling temperatures and chilly winds, as well.  In addition, both types of pants were designed for ease of movement, especially for athletic or casual activities. Those factors are just about all of what "comfy pants" have in common.

    The main differences between  joggers and sweatpants are the fabrics they're made of, the fit they give and the activities they're designed for.

    Sweatpants are generally considered best for cool or cold weather wear and come in a variety of thicknesses.  Sweatpants tend to be thicker than joggers which makes them a great choice for colder weather.  They can be made from a variety of fabrics including cotton, cotton blends, fleece, and even wool.  When looking for durability and breathability, cotton and cotton blends are the go-to in sweatpants.  Sweatpants are designed to have a looser fit than joggers and give you the option to use as casual sporty wear for everyday occasions.

    Joggers are made for physical or sports activities, as the name hints. Joggers are usually thin, lightweight, and flexible which provides you with maximum comfort and mobility for athletic activities.  Unlike sweatpants, the joggers fit is more form-fitting and are available in a wide variety of colors, prints, shapes and fabrics.  Joggers, made from flexible, breathable fabrics like cotton, cotton blends and polyesters, are perfect for your daily run, road cycling or playing sports with your friends on the weekend. 

    As street style goes, joggers and sweatpants are also popular for their athleisure use.  Joggers and sweatpants are not just for the sports-inclined, these comfortable pants are a new wardrobe staple.  The natural way to wear joggers and sweatpants is of course, casual.  Pair them with a great pair of sneakers, t-shirts, hoodies and other jackets for that relaxed, casual sporty look.

    About Nayked Apparel

    We started Nayked Apparel with the same focus that we have today: to offer super-soft clothing that does not have a logo at great prices. We wanted to let our customers tell their own story and to let their own personality shine - at work or at play - in soft, comfortable, unbranded clothing. 

    In the past year, we've expanded to offer graphic tees and hoodies, proudly designed in Ohio, USA, in our Ridiculously Soft styles to allow our customers to really show who they are (while staying comfortable!). At Nayked Apparel, we believe that YOU are enough. And our clothes simply help tell your story!

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