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Why Wear Eco-Friendly Recycled Fleece?

Posted by Christina Herum on

Our selection of Vintage Recycled Softest Fleece items are made from eco-friendly recycled fleece. The eco-friendly recycled fleece is made using sustainable tools and is made on vintage machines. This produces a medium-weight fleece that is going to give you a soft, lived in feel, but will hold it's shape and continue to look great wash after wash.

So, what is eco-friendly recycled fleece and these sustainable tools, exactly?

Eco-friendly recycled fleece is made from a variety of recycled items, including plastic bottles. It can also be made from sustainable wool.

Sustainable wool is wool that has been harvested from sheep that are raised in humane conditions. Research has shown that sheep raised in more humane conditions are less stressed and have stronger immune systems. This is good for us because they wool they grow will be that much softer. Wool is also naturally hypo-allergenic, and people with allergies have found that sustainably harvested wool is a comfortable fabric for wear year-round.

Now you know more about what eco-friendly recycled fleece is, but why should you wear it?

The main reason most people choose an eco-friendly recycled fleece product, is that they are looking for ways that they can be more green in their life. Selecting items made from recycled and sustainable materials, is a great way to do just that. In addition to helping the environment, you may also be choosing an item, like the sustainable wool, that was gathered in a much more humane manner than the more traditional methods. 

Beyond just the environmental impact you make when choosing an eco-friendly recycled fleece item, they will be some of the softest, most comfortable items in your closet. Helping the environment and having a great comfy hoodie to wear as well? I'd call that a win-win. 


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