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Why You Should Spend More on the Basics

Posted by Columbus Stories on

Have you ever worn a shirt for one season and tossed it?  

Well, a lot of people have. It's been the trend now for awhile--where shoppers have been spending less and getting more--shopping at places like H&M or Forever 21. But, the trend is changing. The shift for shoppers is now to spend more on less.  Why? 

Because, like Skylar here, we want quality over quantity. Right? We want to spend a little more on something that can last.  That's where our #basics come in.  Because, basic shirts for our wardrobes will never, ever, go out of style. Ever. 

Let's break it down. So, spend $4 on a tank top (and pray you don't bust the strap) 4 times a year (which really totals $16), or spend $15 on our ridiculously soft ring-spun cotton tank top-- that will last you more than 1 year. 

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