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Shop College Clothes for Men and Women.

Back to College Clothes for Guys and Girls at Nayked Apparel. It's almost fall football time and freshman college students are beginning to think about the first day of school or even moving into their new homes away from home. Don't go to class Nayked, walk into college with the world's softest clothes from Nayked Apparel. Our clothes ensure your comfort in your clothes everyday for a very long time. This college collection of clothes are customer favorites and continually inspires our team to find soft fabrics with true sizing to suit college students busy class and social schedules. Our merchandisers review thousands of styles, touch hundreds of samples and try on every piece before we call it Nayked Apparel. We love comfort clothes as much as you. If casual attire for college coeds is your go-to style, then we offer the softest, best hand feel. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping for tee shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, bottoms or cozy cardigans because only Nayked Apparel promises a truly comfortable assortment of soft college clothing. Now’s the time to refresh your closet and get ready for class! 

College Clothes for Men

When you go to class, you want to feel confident and comfortable. The college clothes at Nayked Apparel do just that. If you are walking across campus for that 8am class or headed to lunch with buddies, you need to feel good. Check out our short sleeve, long sleeve, shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, joggers and more for you to wear all day everyday. Now turn off the video games and go meet some new friends. 

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College Clothes for Women

We might have started as a men's only college destination for the softest clothes, but our buyers have been hard at work over the past 2 years growing our women's collections for all you college girls. Check out the boyfriend tees, fleece hoodies, joggers and of course crop tops for class work and social time. And with everything we sell online, you know it's soft and comfy for all day wearing. 

Shop Now: College Clothes for Women.

College Game Day Graphics

Our Vintage Sports college men’s graphic clothes are designed to tell the world how much you love golf, football, volleyball, baseball weightlifting and more. Wear your favorite sports activity with these comfortable graphic shirts. A few are funny as well.

Affordable Back to College Clothes

Several years ago I was told a story by a President of a very large clothing brand. His son was off to college. He was so lazy, that dad purchased entire cases of t-shirts for him to wear at college so he didn't have to do laundry as much. I thought this was ridiculous and I also thought other brand prices were ridiculous especially for those poor college students. This is why, we've made our clothes affordable. From the cotton fields to your doorstep we have taken every process and reduced overhead so we can offer the softest college clothes on the planet at the very best prices.  


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