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If you're like most men, you hate going into the mall and shopping for guy gear. All you need is a soft white t-shirt, but when you walk through the doors a sales person immediately starts stalking you. You suddenly feel like you're being followed around the store by your ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend.  So you quickly find a t-shirt on the nearest rack and head toward the dressing rooms. The t-shirt you selected looks like it was tried on my hundreds of dudes before you. In the dress room, clothes clothes are laying on the 10 year old ripped seat and pins are scattered in the carpet. The carpet at your pad is cleaner than this carpet you say to yourself.  So you slip on the shirt, take a look in the mirror and wonder what hot girl is watching you in the two-way mirror and quickly change back into your stuff. Greeting you outside the curtain is the stalker.  Hey guys, there's an easier way to get your shirts.  Shop at Nayked Apparel.

Shop online short sleeve, long sleeve, tank tops, v-necks, hoodies, pants and sunglasses at Nayked Apparel. Ridiculously soft, weightless, night & day, vintage, performance, and youth t-shirts. Classic, fitted, relaxed, and big t-shirts. 


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