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Men's t-shirts must be really soft t-shirts! If you are like me, I didn't know the difference between cotton, poly or blended men's t-shirts until now that I've started an online men's clothing shop. I've hand-felt thousands of fabrics and can help you tell the difference between soft and scratchy. Let's start with fabrics. Cotton is a soft natural substance that grows around seeds on cotton plants. It is then processed by mills, pushed all together by machines and made into fabric to make a soft and breathable t-shirt. All other t-shirt fabrics contain a synthetic fiber to make them soft, stretchy, breathable, wrinkle free or moisture wicking. Nayked Apparel offers 100% cotton men's t-shirts plus all the other fabrics. My team has picked the softest, best fitting styles of Men's T-Shirts for you to wear for any occasion. On every product page, we explain both the hand-feel and function so you not only feel great, but look great in your shirt too. Try them on and tell me what you think.


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