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Men's Soft Tank Tops and Sleeveless Shirts

Men, are you looking for soft tank tops? Tank tops that are REALLY soft? If you're like me, I always need a black tank and white tank for summer fun. I didn't know the difference between cotton, synthetic and blend fabrics in tank tops. Now that I started an online apparel store with men's soft tank tops, I know the difference!  Plus, I've felt thousands of fabrics and can tell you the difference with just a hand feel. So let's start with cotton. Cotton is a soft natural fiber that grows around seeds on cotton plants. It is then processed in mills, pushed all together and made into fabric. Yep, that's the mens definition. There are many additional processes to make it soft or stretchy, but I'll stay with the basics. 100% Cotton has the benefit of breathability but also wrinkles your tank top more. You might have to iron these tank tops or let them dry hanging from a hanger to decrease wrinkleage; not to be confused with shrinkage. Our Ridiculously Soft line of tank tops, in black, white and colors are 100% ringspun cotton fabric. Fabric blends will contain part cotton and part synthetic fibers. The higher percentage the synthetic part, the less wrinkles and potential shrinkage, and generally a softer, silkier feel, but also less breathability. Our Night & Day tank tops contain 60% cotton/40% polyester, and our Weightless tank tops contain 25% cotton/50% polyester/25% rayon. My team has picked the best fitting soft tank top styles of 100% cotton and cotton-blend fabrics for you to wear. No Logo. Just You. Better Basics. For the independent generation. Try them on and tell me what you think.

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