Women's Crew Neck Shirts & T-Shirts

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Shop Soft Crew Neck Shirts & T-Shirts for Women.

Women's Soft Crew Neck Shirts & T-Shirts

Crew neck shirts for women. Shop our soft women's crew neck shirts and t-shirts in a variety of soft fabrications. Women's soft crew neck shirts and t-shirts for every need and occasion. We have women's soft crew neck shirts and t-shirts in cotton, cotton/poly blends and synthetic fabric blends. 100% cotton, as in our Women's Ridiculously Soft collection, has the benefit of breathability but also wrinkles more. You might have to iron these shirts or let them dry hanging to decrease wrinkleage (not to be confused with shrinkage). Our Women's Night & Day collection of work t-shirts features cotton/polyester fabric blends, primarily 60% cotton/40% polyester, though some shirts may have a slightly different mix of these fibers. These fabric blends give you a nice balance of the natural softness and breathability of cotton, with the wrinkle and shrink resistance of polyester (a synthetic). Also, these fabrics tend to make a garment look just a little dressier, perfect for the transition from the work day into night. Lastly, check out our assortment of lightweight Tri-blend fabric crew neck shirts and t-shirts; so lightweight, we call these our Weightless collection! Tri-blend fabric combines polyester, cotton and rayon for a lightweight silky feel that drapes over your body like you're wearing nothing at all. Additionally, the crew necks never roll, and, with proper care they're virtually wrinkle and shrink free!Our team has picked the softest, best fitting styles of soft women's crew neck shirts and t-shirts for you to wear. Try them all, and tell me what you think!

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