Women's Lightweight T-Shirts and Tank Tops

Shop Lightweight T-Shirts and Tops for Women.

Women's Lightweight T-Shirts and Tops

So lightweight, we call them Weightless! I had no idea what tri-blend fabric was until starting Nayked Apparel. My team sought to find the lightest, silkiest feeling fabric in the world. What we found was tri-blend. It's typically a blend of 3 fabrics; polyester, cotton and rayon. When you combine these three fibers, you get a lightweight, silky hand feel t-shirt that drapes over your body like you're wearing nothing at all. This is why we call our collection of tri-blend shirts "Weightless". Our weightless tri-blend t-shirts show off YOU, with a bit of stretch in the fabric, and are very wrinkle resistant. The polyester in this blend keeps you dry for all night parties. These might be the sexiest tees we sell. Try them on and tell me what you think.

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