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Ridiculously Soft T-Shirts for Women

Okay women, are you looking for really soft t-shirts? If you are like me, I didn't know the difference between cotton, poly or blended tees. Now that I started an online clothing store, I know the difference! Plus, I've felt thousands of fabrics and can tell you the difference of hand-feel and function. So let's start with t-shirt fabrics.  Cotton is a soft natural substance that grows around seeds on cotton plants. It is then processed by mills, pushed all together and made into fabric. Yes, that's the quick womens definition. All other t-shirt fabrics contain a synthetic to make them soft, stretchy, breathable or moisture wicking, but I'll stay with the basics. Nayked Apparel offers 100% Cotton plus all the others. My team has picked the softest, best fitting styles of t-shirts for women to wear and have explained the functional differences on each product page. Try them on and tell me what you think.

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